Desperately seeking a blue Yakima "Lynx" bass I sold in haste in 1995. It has the initials "TN" scratched into the pickguard. I am also looking for a pink GTX '53 bass with the name "Dino" scratched into the control cavity cover. Please call (513) 417-1967 or email bassplayertnew@aol.com


Looking for two early 60's FENDER basses, P bass w/ Jazz neck, L21023,  had white case, was Olympic white, & Jazz bass, L90890 was refinished pink and rewired for stereo output, both last seen in Milwaukee in fall of 1974. Would love to be reunited with either. Don Mossman 419 668 1010   info@mossmanmusic.com


1983 Gibson Corvus III electric guitar. Does not have to be perfect but must have all 3 original single coil pickups. Any color. Will pay a reasonable price. Call Ron (304) 258-4685 or email peggyhcarey@yahoo.com


Searching for 1982/83 Fender  ’62 or ’57 reissue body. Condition and color doesn’t matter. Beat up modded examples ok. Also searching for dated potentiometers. CTS codes starting  13780**, 13781**, 13782**, 13783**, 250K ohms, Strat pickups dated 1980-1983 any bobbin color, Fender “F” tuners, serial numbered strat pickguard “S9-E2”, Klusons, Fender case circa late 70s-80s, tweed “reissue” case. guitarzombie80@yahoo.com


Fox Designs Jewelry is offering a free instrument string recycling program. Jewelry artist seeking eco-minded independent musicians/music stores to promote; just save your used music strings for me! jeannafo.gmail.com for details.


Looking for a lead guitar player to play country, bluegrass and some southern rock. I have instant bookings as soon as we get a lead player. We are long time musicians who just want to play out again. Cleveland (west side), Ohio. please call 216-941-3827 (there are no egos here) ask to speak to Kelly.


Looking for guitarist to be an equal to join a band that consists of guitarist, bassist, drummer and lead singer. Song list consists of classic rock, touch of metal, some 90’s stuff and a surprise or 2. If you can sing that is a nice plus. We are in Columbus Ohio so a person that lives inside the 270 loop or fairly close to the 270 perimeter makes sense for practice and gigs. We have many contacts at all the key clubs /venues as the bass player and guitar player have been in an established band for many years. Please send your video clips, songs clips and bio i.e. name, contact info etc…  to asap_private@hotmail.com & please cc: groovehead@hotmail.com


Legend 4-12 straight cabinet. Paying top dollar. These were oak cabinets made in the 1980’s. Email greg@bizarreguitar.com


Lynx Talent Quest. Held monthly at the Mountaineer Hotel, Williamson, WV. Your chance to be discovered. Contact Lyrick Promotions LTD. At (304) 928-5085 or JRCARLIN57@Gmail.com.


I am desperately searching for a Gibson Les Paul "spotlight special" with a replaced neck that I sold in haste some years ago. The body was purchased off the wall at the old "Mayfield Music" with the neck broken half way up the fingerboard. I had the neck custom made and it was a stunner. The actual value of the guitar as a collectable Gibson is negligible, but the value to me is much higher. If you own this guitar, please write me @ wjhl18@juno.com . I really want this piece back and will prove it to the current owner!


WTB: YAMAHA AMP: Looking for one of the following old Yamaha solid state amps. Model TA-20, TA-30 or TA-60.

Must be working. Please contact John in Cols OH. at raggedtelecaster@gmail.com


Need a pair of 1962 Gibson SG PAFS and a set of 6 Gibson Kluson Deluxe tuners. Email me: msilvery@peoplepc.com


Alvarez 6-string acoustic - 1985 or older ONLY and Japanese manufacture ONLY, please - with no functional damage. Fender American Subsonic Baritone Stratocaster. Please call John at (614)-266-2961 or email to: EMailCityFolk@aol.com.


1968 Fender Telecaster Bass. If the serial number matches the one I had as a kid, Will pay top dollar no matter what condition it is in. Also looking for 1966-70 Marshall Tall 1960B, 4x12 cabinet with basketweave grill. Will pickup if near Pennsylvania area. LJP55@comcast.net


Ibanez Artwood Twin in excellent condition with original case. Yamaha SG 1500 and SG 3000 models in excellent condition with original case. Gibson V2 and Gibson E2 models in excellent condition with original case.  Please email for information and pictures. classic_axe@yahoo.com


I'm looking to purchase an old Jazzmaster neck. john konopka.jkonopka@sccoast.net


Early 1960's Hagstrom or Hagstrom made 'Goya' branded guitars.  Also 1960's Vox Mark VI or XII guitars. Contact Mark at : home@purserfamily.com


I've been looking for a 1980's vintage Gibson Les Paul Double cut. Must be the nicer models w/Grover tuners and those wide flat Jumbo frets. Black with chrome hardware and a Ebony fingerboard  prefered. Not afraid to pay if it's in nice shape and plays well. Overmrtoto2@aol.com


Gibson Lab-5 Series amp & Fender Strat Elite. Call Tommy @ 803 603 0302 or email me @ tomknox@bellsouth.net


Looking for a Guild m20. Pref 60s or 70s. I live in England but I am happy to organise shipping from anywhere email: oakhurst@intonet.co.uk


Basses wanted: odd, old and unusual, please e-mail: chuck@bassmenttrader.com


COVER FOR MARSHALL 1966A , 2X12" cab,  leave info. At  lddoehr@hotmail.com


Looking for any Electric Harmony or Silvertone guitars 1957-1972. Parts, pieces 1 or a 100. Really need knobs and bridges. Thanks...... brgs@mindspring.com


Gibson V2 1981-1983 issue.  Natural finish of maple with mahogany trim.  Original v-shaped pickups in good working order.   Good condition.  No damage to the front of the guitar.  A few minor nicks acceptable.  Email pictures and prices to: sheryldean1962@hotmail.com


Fender Mustang bass guitar.  Doesn't have to be pretty,  looking for a player.  Will pay fair price.  J Parrish. phone:  304-394-5099. email:   Guitargasm@aol.com


Singer/songwriter seeks other singer\songwriter to collaborate in writing mostly bluegrass ballads. Especially looking for a female perspective. Aaron Blakenez, 631553 PO Box 16, Lovelady, TX 75851 

Gibson ES 335 Preferably late 60s to mid-70s; cherry, blonde or tobacco burst; good condition (although mint is not necessary – I want to play the guitar); I prefer the block inlays; stop tailpiece; no modifications or repair work (either needed or done in the past). John Hawkins email: Hawkins@jam.rr.com 601-941-4000

Tubes, speakers, transformers. Call Ron or Gib (410) 747-1900
Looking for a Jazz Bass pickguard for my black 1964. joseph.wilson66@verizon.net


Samson SR-22 wireless guitar transmitter frequency #11.If you have this unit, please contact me ...        tonyclavesilla@hotmail.com


Blonde 56 reissue strat - i will trade my 2001 prs custom 22 ( turq. color) - 10 top - birds - mccarty elec.'s ( have 5 way switch) - papers- hang tag all mint- except gig bag- i am keeping the case ( i have receipt for guitar- so you know it is not hot) .PauWat937@aol.com


Cesar Diaz video "The Ultimate Guitar Tech". Donald Sinyard sinyard@cstel.net


Musicians interested in playing Jazz music for a recording project and mini tour in city. email  bargeesbuns@hotmail.com. Or write Barjees Buns , E46 CANTT ,Karachi, Pakistan


Airline sunburst guitar (pictured below) 1959,1960 single cutaway,double pickup,made by Harmony for Montgomery Wards. cruise57@localnet.com


Wanted : B.C.Rich U.S.A. and RICO (old N.J. Series) Guitars and parts. Necks, bodies, bridges, etc. Any parts or guitars from any year considered. Broken or otherwise. EXCEPT BRONZE and PLATINUM (don't waste my time or yours with that stuff) . Also, paying for used "Original" Floyd Rose and Floyd Rose II Tremolo's, in good working condition. If you have any of these items you would like to part with please contact my3rdarm@aol.com


Ibanez JS3 (Joe Satriani model) with custom graphics by Donnie Hunt. Please contact me at jcshirke@midway.uchicago.edu if you have one to sell or may be able to help locate one.


Evans Custom Amplifiers. helping musicians optimize their instruments since 1962. We believe your guitars deserve the very best, don't you? Evans Custom Amplifiers, 2734 Woodbury Rd., Burlington, NC 27217 (336) 437-0703. www.EvansAmps.com


Guitarists/bassists, advanced & beginner, willing to try out free samples of guitar and bass instruction materials. Mick Polich, 10400 Grooms Bridge Road, Alpharetta, GA 30022 (678) 957-9758 or dc418432@earthlink.net


Fender or Heartfield EL or Elan Model, must be in good playing condition. Call (973) 423-4616 or email slobow@carroll.com


Vintage Traynor cabinets with the piping trim on the edges, Models: 610's, 810's, 118, 412's and 115 speaker combinations. Also: Vintage Sunn cabinets and heads 1005, 200S, 2000S and Model T. Email Tony

at jkeeyshls@msn.com or  call (716) 896-3357 (NY)


Tortoiseshell picks. (740) 662-6111 


Calling all Sunns, old or new. pros4@centurytel.net or Terry (440) 949-5239


2-12" Univox Cabinet with or without speakers. Must be clean. Frank Herria (217) 479-0008


MCI/Intertek six string electric guitars. Any info on all models. Please include your model, price, etc. Steve Pratt. 5065 Salem Ridge, Aurora, IN 47001